Creating and Managing Events

One of the most popular tools within our CMS is the Events Manager. This module allows you to create multiple events over the course of the year and even divide into multiple categories (ie Workshops vs Holidays). The Events Manager also allows you to enable and track registrations for events that require them.

Below are the basic steps for creating new Events. 


Setting up the Event Page

Step 1 - When on the page you wish to place the Events click on the 'Events' tab and enable the page to associate with Events. (this will allow this page to be selected within the Events Module)

Creating an Event

Step 1- Open up the Events Module Tab

Step 2- Click on 'Create New Event'


Building the Event

Step 1- Give the Event a Title. This will appear to the user so make sure its user friendly

Step 2- Input the content for the Event in the main content area. You will want to include all the details a user may need to know about the event in this space.

Step 3 - Input the excerpt copy for the Event in the excerpt area. The Events work similar to articles in that on the main Events page it will list the Event title and the excerpt so this should provide enough information to summarize the general event but you don't need to go into all the details.

Step 4- Set the Time, Date and Location of each Event. You can have multiple dates, times and location for one singular event. Just click on "Add Date" to create more date entries.

Step 5- Select which calendar (page you associated) the Event belongs to. For this example I will select Test Event. 

Step 6- Save Changes to save your Event and publish it to your selected calendar.

Note: if you will be using registration you can set the Max # of attendees per each event date. As users register it will keep track of the available spots left and close the event when its full. 

Setting Up Registration
If your event requires users to Register you can use the built-in registration features to collect the individual registrations.

Step 1- Select the 'Allow Registration?' checkbox
Once this is done you will notice new tabs in the Event that you now have access to.

Step 2- Click on the Registration Form tab and enter in the Closed Message content. This is the message that will appear when the event is closed due to the date being in the past.

Step 3- Click on the Reminder Email tab and enter in the content that will appear in the reminder email to the user. This email is automatically sent to all registered users 3 days prior to the event start date.

Note: you can use liquid tags to customize this email to include things like Event Title, Event Date, Event Time and a cancellation link should they need to cancel their registration. You can see a full list of the available tags here.

Step 4- Click Save Changes


Customizing the Registration Form
When you click "Allow Registration" within the Events Module it automatically creates a base registration form within the Forms module that includes the Event Title in the form title.

Step 1- Click to the Forms Module and locate the Event Form

Step 2- Click on the Form to open it up and make any edits
The 6 fields that are already created are fields that must be included and are not editable. You can rearrange the order of these fields and you can add any additional fields you wish.

Step 3- Follow the general rules of creating a Form to finish the set up of the Registration form. You can read through the tutorial on creating a Form here.


Registration Data

Step 1- Open the Event from within the Event Module

Step 2- Click on the 'Registrations' tab

Step 3- Download the CSV file for each specific event date. This CSV will include all the registration information and is updated for each new registration as they come in.



Your Event is ready to go!



We hope you found this information helpful.  If you have questions or comments please post to this topic.


Team Trabian

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