Inserting an Image

This tutorial will help guide you through adding an image to a page in the CMS.

Step 1: Navigate to Page

Navigate to the page in the Admin where you will be adding the image. Once you are on that page place the cursor where you would like the image to be inserted. Once the cursor is in the right place click on the Picture icon in the editing toolbar.


Step 2: Upload the Image

Once the file browser window opens click on the Upload a File button and find the file on your computer. The window will show a progress bar as the file uploads. Once the file is uploaded you will see it in the window.



Step 3: Select the Image

After the image is done uploading click on the image. You can then rename the image if you wish, select a publication date etc (all optional). Once you are ready just click "Use this file" and the image will be inserted into the page where you previously placed the cursor.



Step 4: Modify the Image

Depending on where you have placed the image you might want to set it to float right or left, add some padding etc. If you wish to add padding you can consult this help article. To float right just add > or < for float left.



Step 5: Save and Submit

Once you are done modifying and placing the image then hit Save>Submit>Approve and your image will be live!


We hope you found this information helpful.  If you have questions or comments please post to this topic.


Team Trabian

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