Forms - email variable reference

Form emails sent out from your website are rendered using Liquid. Liquid is a simple, easy-to-use programming language.

All form emails have access to the form field variables for their corresponding form. Some emails, such as event registration emails have access to additional variables as well.


Event Registration Emails

The following variables are available for event registration notifications, confirmations, and reminders: A system wide unique ID for the event.
event.title The event title.
event.excerpt The short event excerpt.
event.description The full event description. The selected event date.
event.location The location of the selected event date.
event.cancel_link The url to cancel this event registration. The url to view the event info.
registration.* All registration fields are available with a prefix of 'registration.'

Sample email:

Hi {{registration.first_name}},
Thanks for registering for {{event.title}}!
You are registered to attend on {{}} at {{event.location}}.
If you need to, you may "cancel your registration":{{event.cancel_link}}.
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