Video Module

This lesson shows how to deploy a video in the body of a website on a v5 website using the proprietary Trabian video module. 

Access Videos


1. Click on the Video tab.

Upload Video


2. Click "Upload new video"

Upload Video


3. Title your video. 
4. Select the file from your computer
5. Click "Save Changes"
(at this time the video will load and then be converted to an .flv file. While still converting the file will say pending and be grayed out, this process will take a few minutes. Note: the CMS has a 100mb limit on files) 

Place Video on a Page

Now that the video has uploaded and the file has been converted it is ready to be placed within a page of content. For the following, go to the page where you want the video to be placed.


6. Click on the Panel icon in the editor toolbar to open the Panel Browser



7. Click on "Add a New Panel" and select "Video" from the dropdown list



8. Enter the name of the video panel you are creating
9. Select "Internal" to have access to the uploaded videos
10. Choose your uploaded video from the dropdown
11. Click "Save Changes" and then "Use this Panel"

A snippet of code will be placed within the page that will call on the video file and player.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Team Trabian 

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