Password Protected Pages

One of the coolest features of CMS v5 is the ability to easily create content that is protected behind a login meaning that in order to view the content the person must have a username and password and login before seeing the content.

This can be used in various ways including as an intranet, board member information etc. And its very simple to set-up. Any page you build can be protected behind a login.


Step One: Build your new page (s) of content

Any page at any level can be password protected. Simply create a new page in the hierarchy of your site like you would any other content page. Remember, you can do anything in the content area of the page that you can do anywhere else on the site.


Step Two: Limit the Ability to View the Page

Once the new page is created and you are ready to password protect it then click on the "Permissions" tab on the right side of the edit page view. Check the box next to "Limit ability to view this page" >> this will provide a list of current users and current roles. From there you can select who has permission to login and view the page and its contents. (if you need to add a new user ie a board member or a master user see Adding a User to CMS v5)

Once you have selected who has permission to view the page click Save Changes>Submit>Approve.


Step Three: Linking to the Page

You have two options here, you can either a) provide the direct link to the users who will need to access the page, they will be prompted to login and then redirected back to the page OR b) provide the link through the website menu or another page on the website, they will be prompted to login when clicking on the link and then redirected back to the page


You now have a password protected area of your website. You can build multiple pages or just have one page of content, that is completely up to you!


Let us know if you have any questions.

-Team Trabian

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    Rex Fair

    This is exactly what I was looking for as a way to provide a secure website for Board access to reports, minutes, bylaws, policies. Thanks!

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