RSS Feed v5

The RSS feed is a common feature of the Trabian CMS that associates with the Articles or News items that are published to your site.  

What exactly is a RSS Feed?
A RSS Feed is a format for delivering regularly changing web content.  In the case of the Trabian sites, its a collection of the articles that have been published to the site and selected to display in the feed.

The RSS Feed allows site users to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites they are interested in. Users are able to "subscribe" to the feed from your site by clicking on an RSS icon or a RSS link that initiates the subscription process and allows them to add the feed to their own RSS reader.

The RSS Feed is set up by Trabian during the development process.  The articles that display in the feed are controlled through the publishing of each article to a page on the site.  In order for an article to be pulled into the RSS Feed the article must be associated with a page (ie News).


There are two steps to associating articles with a page:

Step One- On the page you want to allow articles to be associated with you must check the box "Allow articles to be associated with this page under the Articles tab



Step Two- On the Article, select the appropriate page from the drop down menu under "Article Page."


Once the article is configured to be associated with a page you can enable the articles on that page to be included in the RSS feed.


From that point on, all Articles associated with that page with be automatically published to the RSS Feed and posted to subscribers personal Feed Readers.

We hope you found this information helpful.  If you have questions or comments please post to this topic.


Team Trabian

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    Lindsey Megginson

    So, for an item to be availble for our members to add to their RSS feed it has to be an article? I want to make rate changes available via RSS feed but our rates are on a page, not an article.

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    Hallie Vincent

    We have had a couple clients request to make Rates available through RSS.  Its a custom development item that we can add on to our CMS v5.

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