Linking a Tab to an Existing Page

This lesson shows how to link a tab to an existing page.

Add a New Link


Click "Existing Page"


Insert Link


Insert Link and Save Changes

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    Lindsey Megginson

    Linking a tab to an existing page does not work for us. Within the CMS it seems that it should but once the tab has been created and linked to the existing page, there is no option to "show as tab". If this would work it would definitley help! We have some pages/tabs that are duplicated throughout the site, for instance there is a Home Loans tab on the main menu and again under persoanl>loans. The tab under personal>loans simply is a recreation of the main Home Loans tab but as webmaster, I have to keep up with both pages and ensure that when one is changed the other is also. This makes it difficult when there are mulitple cases like this and would be much easier if linking a tab to an existing page would work.

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    Rebecca Burck

    We are experiencing the same complication as mentioned above. Is there a way that this feature can be corrected? Thanks Trabian!

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    Kenneth Rosenberg

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