Adding Foot Notes

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If you need to add notes to your feet, this is the place to find it. The benefit of this method is that it creates a link between the note number and the footnote. As your pages get larger, this is a convenient feature for your users.



First, determine where you want the footnote and the note itself to reside.

Create the Note Number


Add the number for the note you want to add. You do this by putting the number of the note in [brackets]. For example:

I wish to note this word[1] in this sentence. I can add a second note here[2] if I need to.

Create the Note


Add the note by typing "fn1." and the note itself. For example:

fn1. This is the footnote for my word in the previous step.

fn2. This is the footnote for the second note in the previous step.

Note that you need to put a full space between notes.

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