Creating a Link

Highlight Text


Highligt the text you want to make into a link.

Click the LInk Button


Click the link button.

Choose the Type of Link


Chose the type of link you want as a target.

Internal Links


Internal links do NOT use the domain name. Therefore, leave off the and only put everything after the ".com" or ".org". This is soft coding.

External Links


Use the entire URL for the external link. The CMS will automatically put in the third-party disclaimer.

File Link


To link a file, click "Choose a file."

Select file from File Browser


Once in the File Browser, select the file you want. You can search for it using the search tool.

Select the File


Select the file you want to use. Ensure the date is correct so that the file will publish. Click "Use this file" to enter the file.

Confirm and Save


Confirm and click "Save changes"

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