Adding an Image and Link to Sidebar

Want to add and image to the sidebar. You can do that and add a link as well! All you need is a little html know-how that you'll learn in this tutorial.

Add a Panel


Add a panel to your page using the Layout tab. Be

Add a Panel


Add Link


1. Type in the following code:
<a href="http://TARGET FOR LINK"> // this tells the image link where to go
<img src=""> // this prepares you to drop in the image
</a> // this closes the link

After typing <img src=""> put the cursor between the two quotes.

2. Click the image icon and insert an image.

Chose Your Image


You can search for your image by using the search box if needed.

Use Image


Click Use this File

Edit the Image URL


Remove the two exclamation marks around the image URL. These are used in Textile, but not in HTML. Since we're working in HTML, the exclamation points are not needed and will make the image not work.

Click Save changes and Use this Panel.



Confirm that it appears on the sidebar.



Confirm it appears properly on the page.

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