Creating and Deploying a Rate Table

This lesson will show you how to create and deploy a rates table using the Trabian CMS.

Create a Table


Give your Table a Title


Add Columns


The rates system lets you define your own columns. In fact, the first thing you do after creating and naming your rate table is to create the columns for the content. Although you are not limited in the number of columns, you should keep in mind the width of your page when deciding how many columns you need.

Title your Columns


Give you columns a title. This will be what appears in the header section.

Confirm Titles


To edit the table titles, simply click the red title and the edit box will pop back up.

Create a New Rate Sheet


Create a New Rate Sheet


A blank sheet will appear on the sidebar (1.)

You will need to:

2. fill out a date (or keep it blank if you are not ready to publish it) and
3. begin adding rows and disclaimers.

Note: To keep the sheet in perpetuity, simply leave the "to" field on the date blank. If you put an expiration date in the "to" section, you will need to add another rate sheet that publishes immediately following the previous sheet.

Add "Records" Which are Rows


Simply fill in the values for each of the columns you created. Each "Record" is a row on the table.

Add Disclaimers and Proof and Save


Once you are finished adding "Records," add disclaimers and click on Save Changes.

Assign Rate Table to Pages


Navigate to the page where you want to assign the table and click the "%" icon on the toolbar.

Locate your Table in the Browser


Navigate to the desired rate table (1.) using the controls at the bottom. Or, (2.) search for the rate table using all or part of the title of the table.

Insert Table


Click "Copy and paste to editor" to insert the table into your page.

NOTE: The Browser will insert the table at the point where your cursor rests. So if you have copy before and/or after where you want the table, make sure you have your cursor set there before clicking the "%" icon in the browser toolbar.

Proof and Save


Make sure the code inserted properly (1.), then save the page (2.) and view it as a hidden (or live) page (3.).



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