Adding an Alert

Alerts for the CMS v5 websites are controlled through the "Articles" system.

The goal of this lesson is to demonstrate how these are created.

The End Result



Step 1: Create a new article



Step 2: Write the article


NOTE: The article "excerpt" is what will appear on the homepage (or other dedicated location) for the alert. If the alert does not need a full internal page simply leave the Main Content area blank and only put content within the Excerpt window. This will disable/remove the "Read More" option from the alert area.

Step 3: Add a publication date and (optionally) an expiration date


Step 4: Add the article to the "Alerts" category


Add the article to the "Alerts" category by clicking on "Alerts" in the category list. Make sure the check mark on the right is dark.

Step 5 (Final): Click "Save changes"


That's it! If the current date is between the "Publish on" and "Expire on" dates (or if the current date is the same as or after the "Publish on" date and the "Expire on" date is blank) then you should see the alert on the home page (see "The End Result" at the start of this lesson).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to create a ticket or contact us at

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