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If Internet Explorer is not loading or displaying an image the issue is most commonly due to an incorrect color format set up in the file.  

An easy clue for realizing this error is a large file size. Most images that are properly saved for the web at the correct color format and resolution (72dpi for web) will be at around 30KB.  

The correct color format for an image for the web is RGB.  Internet Explorer has issues displaying JPEG images that have been encoded using CMYK, rather than the default RGB encoding. CMYK is a format that is generally used for Print design, so with web design, try and always encode your images to RGB format to avoid this issue with Internet Explorer.

To determine the color format of the image you are trying to use, simply click the image on your desktop (or other place of storage on your computer) and request to view the file information.  Regardless of whether you are on a Mac or a PC this should display your image's color format.



How to fix a CMYK image:

1. Save for Web: To avoid an image saving in CMYK, use the "Save for Web" option in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, instead of choosing "Save As…" and choosing JPG. "Save for Web" will convert your image to RGB before saving.



2. Change a CMYK file to RGB: Simply open the file in Image Editor i.e. Photoshop or GIMP, and re-encode it by copying the image, going to File > New, and making sure "Color Mode:" is set to "RGB" at "8-bit". Once the new canvas is open, paste the file, and save as a JPG.


To determine whether or not the browser you are working in accepts CMYK images check out the table below:


We hope you found this information helpful.  If you have questions or comments please post to this topic.


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