Open Graph and Facebook Sharing

In an effort to boost our website pages we like to share them on Facebook. But sometimes the content that gets pulled when we share a URL from our site isn't exactly the content we want posting. So what do we do?


The Open Graph protocol allows us to define the content we want to be shared for any given page. And Trabian has made the Open Graph tools easily available in the CMS for every page so that our clients have complete control.

A little background on how exactly this works and what you should do...

Facebook crawls a page looking either for specific Open Graph tags or tries to make a best guess at summary content. Like all robot crawlers it's not able to fully understand JavaScript or CSS actions that hide and show content. Therefore it may use HTML content that is visually hidden from the viewer when normally viewed.

Facebook's algorithm will use the following priority when determining share summary:

  1. Open Graph Tags
  2. Page Meta Title and Meta Descriptions
  3. Page Content

Facebook recommends taking advantage of their Open Graph tags to bypass the robot's understanding and hand craft your sharing approach. We very much agree and have it built in to the CMS under the social tab on a page.

When adding an image you want to make sure you upload an image at an optimal size. Check out Facebook's page for more information. 

Tip! Facebook will crawl the page on the first time a link is shared. If you change the page and/or the OpenGraph information after the url has first been shared the old information will still be used by Facebook. While they occasionally re-check the information, you shouldn't count on it.

Luckily, you can force a rescan by checking the URL out here:

That's probably a good URL to bookmark as you manage your social sharing presence.

After you add the OpenGraph information you should use the debugger to clear Facebook's previous scan.


The result...a beautiful and tailored message to spread through the social world!




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